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ESA Overhaul and repair


Repair of ESA shockabsorbers

The ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) offers immediate suspension adjustments without tools, even while riding. The shockabsorbers manufactured by:
* Showa
* Sachs
* WP Suspension
* Marzochi

These brands are used by:
* Yamaha
* Triumph
* Honda.

Repair and overhaul

All Activities are done at the same procedure as done by factory, which means that it still meets the highest standard requirements and the use of genuine parts. We can repair most problems in the shockabsorber, regardless it is:
* a leakage,
* mechanical
* electrical problems
* a swap to our new brand SRP (Suspension Racing Parts) 

Did you know most motorcycles are stock set-up driversload  70 and 80 kg (155-175lbs)?
When your weight is more than that, fitting a new spring which fit’s your weight, bring massive improvement in the driving characteristics of your motorcycle.
When overhauling your ESA Shockabsorber it will cost you only the spring.

How does it work?


Step 1

If possible, put the set-up to solo and comfort position.
Disassemble your shockabsorber from your motorbike according to the original assembly instruction. 

Step 2

Fill in the contact form and make your package ready to send.
Please put a copy of this contact form IN the box.

Step 3

Send the shockabsorber including a copy of the contact form that includes your adres, email and phone number to following adres:

Esa Repair
Houtzagerijstraat 5
5451 HZ Mill
The Netherlands

Ensure that the shockabsorber is carefully packaged, it is your responsibility.

Step 4

After receiving your package the leadtime will be 3-5 working days to overhaul/repair your shockabsorber.  When there is more broken than expected, we will contact you beore fixing the problems.

We can insure you that we recognize overloading or overstressing the shockabsorber. And give a fair advice to you.

If the overhaul/repair is finished we will send you the invoice.
When the invoice is pair we will return your shockabsorber normaly in your box.


When you are shipping outside EU, there might be import duties charged. Be aware of that!

To skipp these duties, it’s important  you mention  on the import form:
Second hand shockabsorber send for repair in Holland. After repair, it’s returned to the country of origin. Please put also a returnlabel IN the box. The costums will see the returnlabel in their administration. This guarantee the return of country of origin.