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About ESA Repair

Welcome! ESA Repair was started 13 years ago by John van Wanroij in Mill, the Netherlands.

After working at WP Suspension for over ten years, and developping the BMW ESA Systems, WP was bought by KTM and moved to Austria.
John decided not to move with them, but to start his own business using his knowledge to service and repair ESA Shock absorbers.

And that didn’t come easy: since there are no manuals, nor special tools to service ESA shock absorbers. John developped them all by himself. He created a special, one of a kind filling system for ESA front shocks which is unique in the world: it works without damaging the shock absorber to put in a valve. He also created al the parts needed to repair and overhaul the complete ESA shock absorber line. This unique service has grown with customers all over the world: even in Australia!

ESA Repair as it is today, is expert in overhauling ESA shockabsorbers: whethever you are a private customer or motorcycle workshop. For Suspension specialists worldwide ESA Repairs delivers parts for overhauling, revisionkits and even shock absorbers.