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The ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) offers immediate suspension adjustments without tools, even while riding. It is operated using a thumb button on the left handlebar. The shockabsorbers manufactured by Showa, WP and Marzochi are used by Yamaha, KTM, Triumph, BMW and Honda. All of these shockabsorbers are fully serviceable by ESA Repair.

All Activities are done at the same procedure as done by factory, which means that it still meets the high standard requirements. But even these quality shockabsorbers needs Overhaul, they may have sometimes leakage or the adjustments doesn’t work anymore. Do you need a new expensive shockabsorber? No, ESA Repair can do the job for you. We can repair any problem in the shockabsorber, regardless it is hydraulic (leakage), mechanical or electrical (no adjustments).

werkplaats JJsuspension en ESA Repair At ESA Repair we are able to service/repair these shockabsorbers units using genuine parts and offer a full warranty on our work.

Why Tractive Suspension?


How does it work?

Disassemble your shockabsorber from your motorbike according to the original assembly instruction. Would you like our assitance with this contact us.

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Ensure that the shock absorber is carefully packaged, it is your responsibility.

After receiving your package we are trying to return the overhauled shockabsorber within 5 workdays back to you. Use the original assembly instruction. After payment of the invoice we will send the shockabsorber back to you.


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Service 1 - Overhaul
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Service 4 - Tractive ESA replacement can be ordered by clicking here!


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Benefits of good suspension

  • - On the road or track Hyperpro springs give you:
  • - shorter braking distance
  • - better balance in the bike
  • - more comfortable riding, even with passenger
  • - easy cornering
  • - dramatically improved tire life
  • - more grip in dry or wet weather
  • - more confidence; it makes you ride more comfortable and/or faster
  • - overall sense of confidence in the bike

Using good suspension provides more safety on the bike and is one of the cheapest ways to optimize your motorcycle! Our products are supplied in plug and play-kits with all information to install and adjust the suspension of the specific motorcycle… your motorcycle!


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