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Broken ESA shock Absorber?

The ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) offers immediate suspension adjustments without tools, even while riding. The shockabsorbers manufactured by Showa, WP and Marzochi are used by Yamaha, KTM, Triumph, BMW and Honda. All of these shockabsorbers are fully service- and repairable by ESA Repair.

Repair and overhaul with warranty

All Activities are done at the same procedure as done by factory, which means that it still meets the high standard requirements and the use of genuine parts. We can repair any problem in the shockabsorber, regardless it is a leakage, mechanical or electrical. We give a two year warranty on our repairs.

Better than new

ESA Repair has 20 years of experience in the (electronic)suspension business. This means that we serviced and overhauled almost every shockabsorber. But not only overhauling, also testing them and the motorcycles they’re in. We know how to improve damping to make them work better than they ever did. The best thing about this service: it’s completely free!

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